Adjusting and Repairing my Royal Trifonium Ticone Guitar

I’ve been putting off adjusting the action on my wood bodied tricone resonator guitar. The action has been on the high side of acceptable since I purchased the Royal guitar from Imperial Guitars. Then, last week, an internal post came loose after changing the tuning. I couldn’t have the post… More

Are my strings too tight?

Gibson truss rod cover

A general rule for guitarists who want to change from standard to an opening tuning is to tune down for acoustic guitar and up for electric. The two most popular open tunings, especially for slide, are Spanish and Vestapol, named after tunes once popularly played in those tunings. Spanish tuning… More

Jazz Vocalist Sara Gazarek nominated for Grammys

I just rediscovered Sara Gazarek, a jazz vocalist who’s recent album has been nominated for two Grammys in the categories of Best Jazz Vocal Album and Best Arrangement, Instrumental, and Vocals for the song Jolene from Thirsty Ghost. Although Jolene is indeed a great rendition of the song by Sara,… More