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Fender Mustang Micro Headphone Amp

The theme of my recent posts has been how to practice privately (without disturbing the family) while listening to backing tracks or tunes I am trying to learn, and with fewer cords and cables to entangle me. Bluetooth streaming for backing tracks and tunes is one solution. Wireless guitar input is another way to reduce the cord tangle. But still another option is the Fender Mustang Micro Amp.

The Mustang, at first glance, seems similar to many other headphone amps for guitar. The improvements it has added over older headphone amps are Bluetooth streaming and USB recharging. It includes a selection of amp types and effects. One knob controls volume while the amp selection and effects use +/- buttons to cycle through the options. Colored LED lights provide a coded indication of which option has been selected. The lights do not remain on but are only a guide while you are selecting which model of amp and which effects you want.

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With the Mustang plugged into your guitar, the only cord to deal with is between the amp and your headphones. The sound quality with headphones is dependent on the headphone. Earbuds or cheap headphones can make the sound tinny, regardless of what they are plugged into, while large drivers and closed-back design give more bass. 

The best thing about this setup is I am not tethered to anything except my guitar while practicing. I am not bothering anyone with loud music or endless repetition. It’s a good solution and not too expensive.

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