Four pre-1950 Jazz Guitarists you should know

It’s time for a history lesson. Today’s subject: Early Jazz Guitarists. Our source material comes from YouTube where you can find filmed examples of most of the great guitarists starting in the second half of the Twentieth Century. There is a problem finding examples of earlier jazz guitarists who were filmed playing… More

How do I play that chord? Part 5: Wrap up.

Summary of chord lookup methods. Online Source Dan’s Tests Cost Comments Maj7 Bonus Chord House Simple Fail Fail Free Beginner site Chord House Advanced Pass Pass Free Shows all scale note positions on neck. Good reference but you have to figure out diagrams. Gootar Pass Fail Free Takes too much… More

How do I play that chord? Part 3: Desktop tools.

Updated 2019-12-21  Did you realize there were so many resources available to help learn how to play an unfamiliar guitar chord? This is part 3 in my series and it isn’t the end. I’ve been reviewing chord lookup resources I use or have discovered, mostly those I recommend but occasionally… More