Gaming the User Reviews Rating System at Amazon

I’ve been researching and ultimately purchasing a bunch of guitar stuff lately. I’ve shared what I’ve learned in my recent posts, including reviews of major products. Although I’ve looked at major and minor online music sites including Musician’s Friend, Sweetwater, and American Musical Supply, my go to merchant is Amazon…. More

Why and How I Returned the Classical Guitar I ordered

What’s going on with me? I’ve returned the second classical guitar I ordered online. This is the one reviewed in New Guitar Checklist. I am typical of many guitarists and sometimes have bouts of G.A.S (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). And sometimes, after a period of time, I fall out of love with… More

Technology, Copyright and Learning to Play Guitar

The tools available to students of the guitar – or any instrument – are constantly changing and for the most part improving with time. When I first started playing guitar more than 50 years ago you would have been lucky to find multimedia instructional materials. Maybe you could find a… More