How do I play that chord? Part 5: Wrap up.

Summary of chord lookup methods. Online Source Dan’s Tests Cost Comments Maj7 Bonus Chord House Simple Fail Fail Free Beginner site Chord House Advanced Pass Pass Free Shows all scale note positions on neck. Good reference but you have to figure out diagrams. Gootar Pass Fail Free Takes too much… More

How do I play that chord? Part 4: Books, charts and devices.

Books – Reviews Almost every guitar instruction book I own includes guitar chord diagrams. In fact, many of the music books I own also include diagrams for the chords in the tunes. But for this article I’m only reviewing books that are intended to be references for guitar chords. This… More

How do I play that chord? Part 3: Desktop tools.

Updated 2019-12-21  Did you realize there were so many resources available to help learn how to play an unfamiliar guitar chord? This is part 3 in my series and it isn’t the end. I’ve been reviewing chord lookup resources I use or have discovered, mostly those I recommend but occasionally… More

How do I play that chord? Part 2: Look it up online.

How do I play that chord? Part 2: Look it up. This post was rewritten 2019-12-20. The original version was published in 2010. Things change. You can still look up chords online but most of you will probably go first to your smartphone for an app. The rewrite reflects the… More

Linux for Musicians? Part 2

How to do Linux if you’re a PC? So you’ve read my previous post on you Windows PC and I’ve got your interest. “Linux for Musicians? Part 1” has convinced you that Linux and FOSS might meet your needs as a platform for making music. Now you’re ready to test Linux…. More

Linux for Musicians? Part 1

I’m not a Penguin, but sometimes I use Linux. If you’re a PC (maybe even if you’re a Mac) I’m going to suggest something radical. You might want to consider using Linux and open source software that runs on Linux in some of your musician-esque tasks. Before you either reject… More

How to Create Sheet Music. Part 3: Music Engraving by LilyPond

LilyPond is free open source software designed to create “beautiful sheet music”. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux systems. The creators describe the software as an “automated engraving system. It will format music notation beautifully without requiring typographical expertise of its users.” Read their series of essays about… More

How to Create Sheet Music. Part 2. The ABC’s of Notation

I discussed software for creating guitar tablature in my previous post, How to create sheet music. You can also create scores in standard musical notation from these programs. Some even allow entering notes directly on the staff instead of using tablature. As a guitarist, this may be all you ever… More

How to Create Sheet Music. Part 1: Tab

There could be a number of reasons why you would want to try to create your own sheet music – something that is easy to read and professional looking when printed. You might be a songwriter and want to put your music into written form. Or maybe you’re a student… More