What About Female Musicians?

I enjoy discovering and listening to great female musicians. It isn’t difficult to find great women jazz and blues singers. Many share my appreciation of their talents. But it is more difficult to find great female instrumentalists. So far, there have been relatively few female jazz guitarists. There are far… More

Modern Guitar Innovations – 1922 – F-hole Archtop Guitar

Lloyd Loar, like Orville Gibson before him, took design principles from the violin family and applied them to mandolins and guitars. He designed the first guitar with F-holes instead of a round sound hole, the L-5. He applied the same princliple to the F-5 mandolin, which has become the standard… More

Jazz Guitarists – Charlie Byrd

Charlie Byrd was a jazz guitarist whose guitar of choice was a classical guitar. Although many other jazz guitarists have recorded occasionally on acoustic guitars, few made it their main instrument. Charlie Byrd took classical guitar seriously and for a time studied with the great classical guitarists, Andre Segovia. Another… More