Technology, Copyright and Learning to Play Guitar

The tools available to students of the guitar – or any instrument – are constantly changing and for the most part improving with time. When I first started playing guitar more than 50 years ago you would have been lucky to find multimedia instructional materials. Maybe you could find a… More

Different Approaches to Arpeggios

C major Scale Harmonized Arpeggios

Time for Guitar Camp for One again. I’ve neglected my guitars this year and have been playing mostly ukulele. But it’s time to get back studying guitar, practicing my arpeggios and learning new material. One of the things I’ve realized is the variety of approaches to visualizing, understanding and learning… More

American Instruments / American Music

I am writing today’s article on the 4th of July, our Independence Day. Time again to celebrate The United States of America. And for it is time to celebrate America’s contribution to music and musical instruments. Where would music be without us? Instruments The Guitar. The guitar wasn’t invented… More