Guitar Strings – History, Technology

Most of us have probably heard that guitars once were strung with catgut strings but unless you are into early music, you probably don’t have any experience with gut strings. The so-called catgut strings never came from cats but rather from sheep. Because the obvious replacement for gut was nylon… More

Acoustic Guitar Strings

When I was a kid my local music store stocked one brand of guitar string, Black Diamond. I had two choices for string gauge. Although they were probably called “Medium” and “Heavy” they were in fact heavy and heavier. There was no distinction between acoustic and electric guitar strings. Steel… More

Technology, Copyright and Learning to Play Guitar

The tools available to students of the guitar – or any instrument – are constantly changing and for the most part improving with time. When I first started playing guitar more than 50 years ago you would have been lucky to find multimedia instructional materials. Maybe you could find a… More

Resonator Instrument Makers

Style O Single Cone, Biscuit Bridge, Resonator Guitar

Makers of resonator guitars, mandolins and ukuleles, like all musical instrument companies, come and go. Some have long histories and are dedicated to the instruments they make and others make the instruments only as long as resonators seem to be in vogue. Here’s a survey of who is making or… More

Ukulele Strings, Tunings and Technology


Whenever I got a new guitar I used to spend some time trying to find the perfect set of strings for the instrument. This could take months. Some of my acoustic guitars sounded better with 80/20 Bronze strings while other seemed more alive with standard Phosphor Bronze. Some guitars sounded… More

Two Year Anniversary of

The first post for was published on July 9th, 2010. This is the second anniversary or if you prefer it is the 2nd birthday. I write this because I love guitars – and, mandolins and ukuleles and harmonicas – and blues, and jazz and music. I write about what… More