Where to buy a classical guitar – with or without setup

Last week I wrote about how to buy a classical guitar for under $1000. I neglected to include which online merchants provide setups when you purchase from them. When I was researching buying ukuleles last year I recommended specialty stores as perhaps the best compromise for buying a reasonably priced… More

Different Approaches to Arpeggios

C major Scale Harmonized Arpeggios

Time for Guitar Camp for One again. I’ve neglected my guitars this year and have been playing mostly ukulele. But it’s time to get back studying guitar, practicing my arpeggios and learning new material. One of the things I’ve realized is the variety of approaches to visualizing, understanding and learning… More

Baritone Ukulele Strings with Mixture of Stainless Flatwound and Plain Nylon

flatwound guitar strings

I was fascinated to discover ukulele strings composed of two stainless steel flatwound strings for the 4th and 3rd strings. These were combined with two plain clear nylon strings for the two high strings. This is another set from Southcoast ukulele. The strings are the G650 Lineear String set. The… More

C Tuning with Low G on Baritone, All Plain Strings

clear nylon ukulele string

Southcoast Ukulele makes a nylon set of strings for baritone ukuleles with no wound strings (i.e., all plain strings). I have had these on my cheapo baritone for several months. Right after I made the video (below) I tried out a different set of strings from Southcoast for the baritone…. More