Smaller than a Dreadnought from the two Largest and Oldest Guitar Companies

When I purchased my Gibson LG-1 in 1963, the only small guitars Gibson sold were from the LG series. Then as now, the most popular style acoustic guitar was the dreadnought. The Martin D-18 (mahogany body) and D-28 (rosewood body) were used by many performers during the folk revival of… More

Selmer plus Maccaferri equals Gypsy Jazz Guitar

The guitars most associated with Django Reinhardt and Gypsy jazz are those made by the Selmer Company, a French instrument maker. Selmer didn’t make or sell guitars until Mario Maccaferri came to work for the company. Maccaferri designed the “grande bouche” (big mouth) Selmer. The guitar has a large “D”… More

Modern Guitar Innovations – 1934 – First Electric Guitar

The first electric guitar was a lap steel guitar and the inventor was George Beauchamp. If you’ve been reading this series, you should recognize George as a co-founder of National Guitars and the person who got the patent for the single cone, biscuit bridge resonator guitar. George was also the co-founder of… More

Modern Guitar Innovations – 1929 – 14 Frets

Banjos were a popular instrument in the 1920’s because they were loud. Guitars were replacing banjos in popular music and some banjo players were switching to guitar. If you were a banjo player you were used to having all frets clear from the body. Guitars at the time, still based… More

Modern Guitar Innovations – 1929 – Single Cone Spider Resonator Guitar

When we last left our heros, the inventors of the resonator guitars, George Beauchamp had patented the single cone, biscuit bridge resonator guitar. It is likely that John Dopyera was the true inventor and that George Beauchamp patented a discarded design of John Dopyera’s. John had secretly been working on… More

Modern Guitar Innovations – 1928 – Single Cone Biscuit Resonator Guitar

Style O Single Cone, Biscuit Bridge, Resonator Guitar

Who invented the first single cone resonator guitar? The answer to this question led to considerable anomisity among the likely candidates and even law suits. George Beauchamp applied for and was granted a patent (#1,808,756) for this invention. He was one of the founders of the National String Instrument Corporation…. More

What About Female Musicians?

I enjoy discovering and listening to great female musicians. It isn’t difficult to find great women jazz and blues singers. Many share my appreciation of their talents. But it is more difficult to find great female instrumentalists. So far, there have been relatively few female jazz guitarists. There are far… More

Modern Guitar Innovations – 1927 – Tricone Resonator Guitar

I own a Style O restonator guitar and have been fascinated with this strange style guitar ever since my father came home with a reso-glass Airline guitar he had rented for an adult education guitar class in the 1960s. The history of the development of these guitars and subsequent fights… More