Modern Guitar Innovations – 1850 – X-Bracing

X-Bracing on guitar

Guitar innovation was going on throughout Europe and America at the same time that Torres was experimenting on the design of the classical guitar. The fan bracing of Torres was innovative and is still used on classical guitars today. But alternatives would eventually prove important for flat top guitars. Martin’s… More

Modern Guitar Innovations – 1850 – Torres

This guitar is a descendant of designs made by Torres in the 19th Century.

Recently while reading an online guitar magazine, I saw an ad for a guitar which claimed it was the result of an amazing innovative design. Although the guitar did in fact have one fairly innovative feature, I began thinking about the history of the guitar and the innovative features that… More

How to Travel with a Guitar.

My daughter told me a horror story while we were on vacation this summer. No, it wasn’t about creepy zombies told around the campfire while she shined a flashlight up her chin. Worse. It was about her roommate’s Taylor guitar whose neck was broken during an airline flight. If you… More

Vacation Guitars

Summertime Blues Summertime is vacation time and vacation time is when I have to figure out which instruments I’ll bring with me on this year’s vacation. I get the summertime blues when I can’t bring a guitar with me on vacation. If you’re considering your vacation or travel guitar options… More

Some Neck Widths

Does the Ami parlor guitar have an unusually narrow neck? It had always seemed as if my Arts & Lutherie Ami guitar had a narrower neck than the other guitars I was used to playing. I was going to include this observation in the post Vacation Guitars but decided I should… More

Scale Lengths

I was reading up on classical guitars recently. I’ve never owned a classical guitar. However, we had dinner at a friend’s house a few weeks ago and I was playing his Guild Mark IV classical guitar. Very nice. Why don’t I have a classical guitar? Now I want one. Most… More