Guitar Strings – History, Technology

Most of us have probably heard that guitars once were strung with catgut strings but unless you are into early music, you probably don’t have any experience with gut strings. The so-called catgut strings never came from cats but rather from sheep. Because the obvious replacement for gut was nylon… More

How to build an Inexpensive Humidified Guitar Cabinet


Almost all experts (including luthiers, music educators, guitarists, music store staff, etc.) recommend that you keep your guitar in its case when you’re not playing it. This is especially emphasized if you live where the humidity is low at least part of the year. Use guitar case humidifiers to protect… More

Acoustic Guitar Strings

When I was a kid my local music store stocked one brand of guitar string, Black Diamond. I had two choices for string gauge. Although they were probably called “Medium” and “Heavy” they were in fact heavy and heavier. There was no distinction between acoustic and electric guitar strings. Steel… More

Baritone Ukulele Strings with Mixture of Stainless Flatwound and Plain Nylon

flatwound guitar strings

I was fascinated to discover ukulele strings composed of two stainless steel flatwound strings for the 4th and 3rd strings. These were combined with two plain clear nylon strings for the two high strings. This is another set from Southcoast ukulele. The strings are the G650 Lineear String set. The… More

C Tuning with Low G on Baritone, All Plain Strings

clear nylon ukulele string

Southcoast Ukulele makes a nylon set of strings for baritone ukuleles with no wound strings (i.e., all plain strings). I have had these on my cheapo baritone for several months. Right after I made the video (below) I tried out a different set of strings from Southcoast for the baritone…. More