Jazz Vocalist Sara Gazarek nominated for Grammys

I just rediscovered Sara Gazarek, a jazz vocalist who’s recent album has been nominated for two Grammys in the categories of Best Jazz Vocal Album and Best Arrangement, Instrumental, and Vocals for the song Jolene from Thirsty Ghost. Although Jolene is indeed a great rendition of the song by Sara,… More

Solid Body Blues Guitarists

This post is intended to supplement Solid Body Guitars for Blues. The following are examples of blues and rock guitarists known for playing the model of guitar indicated. It is clearly a very selected and incomplete list. Telecaster: Muddy Waters Stratocaster: Stevie Ray Vaughan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVI7I-WDGx4 Flying V: Albert King Firebird:… More

Carbon fiber Guitars

I’ve come up with three good reasons for wanting a guitar made from carbon fibers. Carbon fiber guitars are also sometimes called composite guitars. Fiberglass is an alternative non-wood material and glass is sometimes incorporated into these guitars. My Three Reasons for wanting a Carbon Fiber Guitar The first reason… More