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Malvina Reynolds

Little Boxes made of Ticky-Tocky

Little Boxes 523859_53153060“Little Boxes” (made of Ticky-Tocky) is one of the most popular and famous songs written by Malvina Reynolds. Malvina didn’t start writing and performing folk and protest music until she was in her late forties. In spite of this, she was a prolific song writer and poet who turned out a huge catalog of work. Her daughter has collected the lyrics to all her songs and you can view it at the this link.  Here’s the link to the “official” lyrics of “Little Boxes”


Another favorite song of mine that was written by Malvina is “Turn Around.” It’s about how fast your children grow up.

One of the first tunes of hers I heard was “What have they done to the rain?” The song is about nuclear fallout. It was recorded by many (as were other of her songs). The Searchers, a British rock group recorded. So did Joan Baez. Both versions are below.

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