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Aoife O’Donovan

Aiofe-odonovan-flsMy last three posts on Women Folk Musicians have all been about singers born between the decade I was born and much earlier. The good news if you like folk music is there are many excellent young performers. The younger generation are pushing the boundaries and mixing things up, combining bluegrass, country, blues and traditional music and adding interesting combinations of instruments to the mix. One of my favorite bands in this new tradition is/was Crooked Still and one of my favorite performers is Aoife O’Donovan who sang with them.

Aoife has sung and played with a wide variety of other artists. She has also written a number of her own songs. The following videos show her playing with Crooked Still, Solo, Yo Yo Ma for the Goat Rodeo sessions, Sarah Jarosz, with Sara Watkins and Sarah Jarosz.

Acoustic Guitar has a nice video interview with Aoife where she discusses the efforts she took to learn to play guitar, her musical background, her guitar as well as you can hear her sing several tunes.

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