How do I play that chord? Part 5: Wrap up.

Chord Diagram for Gm7b5

Gm7b5 chord diagram

Summary of chord lookup methods.


SourceDan’s TestsCostComments
Maj7 1Bonus 2
Chord House SimpleFailFailFreeBeginner site
Chord House AdvancedPassPassFreeShows all scale note positions on neck. Good reference but you have to figure out diagrams.
GootarPassFailFreeTakes too much work to find variations of chord.
ChorderatorPartial CreditPassesFreeRecommended
Guitar Chords (UK)PassFailFreeGood site. Recommended


SourceDan’s TestsCostComments
iChordPassFailFreeIt runs in your browser and requires the internet.
TuxGuitarFailPassFreeIt’s chord tool is OK for most users.
GuitarProFailPass$59.95GP5 chord tool about the same as TuxGuitar only GuitarPro isn’t free.
TablEditNANA$59.97Not recommend for chord lookup.
PowerTabPassPassFreeIt’s good. It’s free. Recommend.
Guitar Chords.exePartial CreditPassFreeRecommended
Guitar Chord Dictionary 3.0NANA$29.99The iChord browser tool from the same company is free. I haven’t tried this tool but I can’t see paying for it when there’s so many good free tools.


SourceDan’s TestsCostComments
The Jazz Guitar Chord Bible Complete (Jazz Masters Series)
by Warren Nunes © 1999 Warner Brothers Publications.
PassPass$15.56Good jazz chord reference. The progressions are a nice addition but get in the way when looking up chords.
Guitar Chord Encyclopedia (Ultimate Guitarist’s Reference)
by Steve Hall. © 1993 Alfred Publishing Co., Inc
PassFail$13.57Another Good reference. Recommended.
Mel Bay’s Complete Book of Guitar Chords, Scales and Arpeggios
by William Bay. © 1992 Mel Bay Publications.
PassFail$16.49Very good reference. Recommended.
Essential Guitar Chords by Robert Hartz. © 1993 Mt. Holly Press. (Only available from used booksellers).FailPassNAIt seems to be out of print. Considering the good references in print – and other sources, not a great loss.

The technology curve

I can’t make up my mind about the order of some of these. Although the technology curve is moving to smart phone apps, I still like books. That doesn’t mean that I won’t go to desktop, online or phone app tool before I go to a book. From oldest to newest tech.

  • Books
  • Charts
  • Desktop Software
  • Online Software
  • Dedicated Devices
  • PDA Software
  • Smart Phone Apps


  1. Maj7 test is the inclusion of Freddie Green chords such as 3x443x for Gmaj7.
  2. Bonus points if have 7b5b9 chord.
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