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Who, what, why?

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Dan with American Deluxe Ash StratocasterHi. I’m Dan Sissors, the owner of this site and the author, creator, editor of this content.

I love guitars. I love playing guitars. I love looking at guitars. I love listening to guitars. I love reading about guitars. I even love smelling a nice wood acoustic guitar (cedar braces and occasionally other fragrant woods). Of course I would love writing about them.

If you know me, then you know I love guitars. But since most people who stumble upon this website don’t know me, I want to introduce myself and explain – if I can.

First who/what I’m not. I’m not a professional guitarist or musician. I haven’t performed in front of a large group since college. I’m not in the music business. I have no connection to any guitar company. I’m just a guy who loves guitars.

Compared to anyone who seriously works at becoming a better guitarist, amateurs just as much as professionals, I’m not that good. Some days I can’t seem to remember which end of the guitar you blow on to play it. (That’s a joke – not funny, but I try). Considering that I’ve been playing guitar close to fifty years you’d think I’d be a much better player.

Teens who can play things I can't.If you go into any of the big box guitar stores this weekend you’ll see plenty of teenagers wailing on the display guitars, playing riffs I can’t master – but maybe don’t want to either. Then there are the over forty crowd. People like me. Sadly, mostly men. Now that they’re secure in their careers they can buy the guitars they couldn’t afford when were young. Many of these older players become much more serious about “getting it right” – about really studying the guitar – than they had as teenagers. Yes many of them can also play rings around me. Maybe that’s you. It’s OK. We both love the instrument and that’s what counts.

But the truth is that after fifty years I have learned a thing or two. Not just about playing guitar but, as my wife likes to say, factoids. Tons of factoids about how guitars are built, what is good about one guitar and bad about another and a whole lot more.

My plan is to write about what I love. I plan to make it personal. I don’t need to be unbiased. It’s all about my biases – my personal opinions and observations. But you don’t need to agree with me. I’ll remind you of that from time to time because that’s the way I am. Along the way you might learn something or at least see something guitarish in a new light. Oh, and there will be opportunity for you to share your own experiences and correct or add to my own observations.

I realize that this site could morph from what I have planned. But this I’ve got to start somewhere. He goes.

– Dan Sissors

Credits: Photo of Dan Sissors playing strat by Dan Sissors June 2008. Photo of young rockers from stock.xchng, Image id:703326, License information: .