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The FTC has issued new rules which affects bloggers. The intent is to make sure readers understand whether product endorsements by bloggers are unbiased. Some bloggers get free samples or are loaned advanced prototypes of products which they then review on their site. Some may get paid by sponsors or may be employees of a division of the company making the product. This leads to the perception that the reviews are biased in favor of the companies that the blogger has a relationship with.

I think it’s a good idea for you to know about any relationships I have with companies.

So far no one is sending me free guitars to review. I wish!

I have affiliate relationships with a variety of companies and have links on this website to products or content on these companies websites. If you ever purchase anything after clicking on one of my affiliate links, I’ll get a commission or small payment. Thank you if you have already bought something after clicking on a link. Thank you even if you haven’t – even if you never buy anything. I appreciate you visiting my site. Please come again.

Affiliate Relationships:

If you are unaware of what this affiliate business is all about, the buzz term for what I’m trying to do is monetize my website.

I would write this blog whether I got any money or not. Here’s my scale for how successfully I monetize this site:

Level zero: No one comes to this site. Or a few come but no one ever clicks on an affiliate link to buy anything. That would be very sad. (Guitar player equivalent: Picks and a Kazoo)

Level 1: I earn enough money in affiliate commissions to take my wife out to dinner a couple of time during the year. Nice dinners – no fast food. My wife would like that. (Guitar player equivalent: One New Pickup)

Level 2: I break even. What you say? Yes, running a website costs money. I have to pay an annual fee to register my domain names. Website hosting costs money. All together it’s currently over $200 a year. If this site become successful I may need a more expensive hosting plan. So, breaking even would be very good. (Guitar player equivalent: A set of Pickups)

Level 3: I’m a guitar player. If you play guitar too then you can guess what I want. More guitars. If I earn enough to buy a new guitar then I will be extremely happy. Particularly since my wife has said no more new guitars unless I first sell one of my current instruments. But I think she would allow a new guitar if the money came from this site. (Guitar player equivalent: New Guitar)

Level 4: The grand slam. The ultimate success. Enough money to retire. Whooo hooo! (Guitar player equivalent: Retire and play guitar all day)

However, I’d be happy if I could buy pie and coffee for myself and my wife with the money I earn when you click on my affiliate links. In any case, I thank you for just coming to this site and reading my posts. Clicking on affiliate links is totally optional. Although I would really like some pie and coffee. (Guitar player equivalent: Pie and Coffee)