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Jane Monheit Blue Note 2006I love female singers and am a fan of the great ladies of jazz. You know who I mean, singers like Ella, Sarah, Billy, Carmen and more. Does anyone still sing like that? Do any of the younger singers have a voice that makes me either go “ah…” or “wow”? It turns out there are some younger singers with great voices who — at least occasionally sing jazz. Kate Davis (last post) is one. But one of my favorites is Jane Monheit. She has an incredible voice that makes me think of those great jazz singers from the past.

Jane Monheit has been singing and recording for some time now. Her first CD was released in 2000. There are now 12 CD’s listed at Jane’s website.

Here’s Jane Monheit with one of my favorite jazz guitarists, John Pizarelli.

The following news feature story shows Jane singing as talking about her life.

Jane Monheit has recently been performing songs that had been sung by Judy Garland. An example is below.

One of her more popular YouTube videos is of her singing with Michael Buble.

I’ve been into Brazillian jazz for much of the past year. Here’s an older video of Jane doing one of my favorites.

Last video for this post is an older one of Jane performing “I can’t give you anything but love”. Great.

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