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This is a quick post to share some of the content I’ve curated from my Pinterest and YouTube channels. The items here relate to recent or soon to be published posts on this site.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve begun a series on women musicians I think you should know about. I’ve begun a Pinterest board showcasing the first set of women who happen to all be folk, bluegrass or other similar acoustic singers, songwriters and/or performers.

Women Folk

Peggy Seeger was the first woman I featured. Kristin Lems was next and today is Malvina Reynolds. Coming up soon will be Aoife O’Donovan, Sarah Jarosz and Abigail Washburn.

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velcro-strap-holder-banjoYou may also have noticed I have become interested in banjos recently. I have collected some images of old time banjos and banjo parts on Pinterest boards.

Old Time Banjos

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And here are some banjo parts such as tone rings, bridges, tailpieces …

Banjo Parts


I’ve also put together some claw-hammer banjo instruction playlists on youtube. None of the videos are of me. They’re people who know more and play better than I do.

Basic Clawhammer lessons.

I also have playlists of lessons on specific old time tunes that are favorites for clawhammer. I won’t give all the playlists here but I will give you three of my favorite tunes in this style.

Cripple Creek

Old Joe Clark

The Coo Coo

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