More Harp Players you should know

Kim Wilson plays harmonica 2007My last post was blues harmonica players who played with Muddy Waters. Here’s a list to end the year (2014) of other players you should know. I’m trying to choose harmonica players that I haven’t already featured in my previous posts.

No particular order to these. They’re mainly players I like and/or I think you should know — really no difference between those choices.

Kim Wilson

Kim Wilson is the harp player with the Fabulous Thunderbirds. I’ve seen him live with the Fabulous thunderbirds as well as on his own and playing with other harmonica greats (see Mark Hummel below).

This video has him playing with Bonnie Raitt on Coming Home. Bonnie is an excellent slide guitarist.

 Rod Piazza

Rod’s band is the Mighty Flyers and the keyboard player in front is Honey Piazza, his wife. A great band. The tune is Neighbor, Neighbor. Rod was mentored by and played in a band with George Harmonica Smith. It’s therefore not surprising that Rod is a great chromatic player.

Dennis Gruenlin

I love Dennis Gruenlin’s sound. Many of his tunes are jump blues with a jazz flavor, a style I like a lot.

Paul deLay

I love the late Paul deLay. He passed away soon after I discovered him. He was a great chromatic player as in this tune, Nice and Strong.

Norton Buffalo

Doing Robert Johnson’s Terraplane Blues with one of the most incredible slide guitarists, Roy Rogers.


Paul Lamb

Playing Sweet Woman with his band, the King Snakes.

Mark Hummel

Mark has organized blues harmonica blowouts across the country where he and some of the greats get together in concert. I’ve seen one in Boston. It was great. The show included Kim Wilson, Charlie Musselwhite and several other greats.

Here’s Mark with his band, the Blues Survivors.


Rick Estrin

He had played with Little Charlie and Nightcats for years until Little Charlie decided to stop turing.

Here’s Rick playing with Little Charlie & The NightcatsHurry Up and Wait


Charlie Musselwhite

Performing Just A Feeling. I’ve seen Charlie Musselwhite live several times. He’s always enjoyable.


Have a Happy New Year in 2015.

– Dan of Dan Loves Guitars.

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