New Small Jazz Guitar from Ibanez

It looks like the 2014 Holiday Season is going to be good for jazz oriented guitarists who want smaller sized hollow body guitars. The Eastman AR371CE and AR372CE have been around for a while now. Epiphone recently announced a higher end ES-175 reissue. Now Ibanez is introducing the Artstar Solid Top SS300.

The new Artstar SS300 has a 15 inch wide lower bout and dual Super 58 humbucker pickups. The top is solid spruce. Musician’s Friend is listing it at just under $1300 including a hardshell case. I don’t know much more about it. It is available for pre-order as of today but it’s expected available date is this week.

If you’re in the market for a smaller hollow body archtop electric guitar for jazz in the $800 to $1400 price range, this is worth looking at.

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