My New Kala Tenor Ukulele

I am excited. I finally purchased a tenor ukulele. Although it is not an expensive instrument, it is hugely superior to the soprano and baritone ukuleles I own.

I show off my new Kala Tenor in the video below:

Some details about my new ukulele:

Dan's Kala KA-TEM

  • Model KA-TEM which stands for Kala Tenor Exotic Mahogany. The exotic part refers to the grain pattern displayed in the wood, much like a flamed pattern seen on maple guitars.
  • The body is laminated mahogany, not solid wood. However, the top is incredibly thin and resonate. I’ve seen other laminated Kala guitars and this seems to be typical for the laminate instruments. The result is more volume than you’d expect for a laminated top.
  • I purchased the instrument from Hawaii Music Supply. I followed the advice I gave you in the post, “Fatherly Advice: Never buy … without a professional setup” and purchased the uke from a company that does setups on every ukulele they sell.
  • Like so many ukuleles these days, this one came with Aquila Nylgut strings. Many players attest to the great sound of these strings, including me.

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