C Tuning with Low G on Baritone, All Plain Strings

Southcoast Ukulele makes a nylon set of strings for baritone ukuleles with no wound strings (i.e., all plain strings). I have had these on my cheapo baritone for several months. Right after I made the video (below) I tried out a different set of strings from Southcoast for the baritone.

Ukuleles are traditionally tuned in reenterant tuning, meaning the 4th string is higher pitched than the 3rd string. This gives the traditional “my dog has fleas” tuning. Linear tuning is where each string from 4th to 1st is tuned to a higher pitch than the previous string. Most stringed instruments are linear (guitar, violin, mandolin, etc.) but the 5 string banjo is reenterant.

Baritone ukuleles are traditionally tuned the same as the four high strings of a guitar, so DGBE. The strings in this video are tuned the same as if a guitar had a capo on the fifth fret. That is the same as standard tuning for the smaller ukuleles (soprano, concert and tenor), which GCEA.

Southcoast Ukulele has a lot of information about how to make a balanced set of strings. See their string guide for linear tuned ukulele.

clear nylon ukulele string

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  1. can you tell me what combo worked the best for your rouge baritone. I get confused with all the info on his page

    1. I’ve experimented with many different combinations on this cheap baritone uke. I checked my records and I am back to standard tuning DGBA using Worth clear fluorocarbon baritone uke strings (catalog # CB).

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