Chrome Browser Apps for Musicians

I recently reviewed iPad apps for musicians. I’ve also mentioned Android apps I use on my smartphone such as gStrings, a chromatic tuner I always have with me, as long as I have my phone. But sometimes I’m working on my laptop or desktop computer and it would be easier to just see an app in my browser. Now you can. Using Google’s Chrome browser you can add all types of apps. Today I’ll mention a few music apps for the Chrome browser.


Tuner. Online Guitar Tuner has a drop down diagram to the left of the tuner window where you can choose different tunings to remind you of which notes are included.

guitar-tuner-chrome-appThis isn’t the only tuner available.  Guitar Tuner is simpler in design.

There are also metronomes available for your practice. An app just called Metronome is fairly simple.


Basitempo has more settings and a fancier look. I also like the sound (wood block) better.


basichords-online-chrome-app-iconDo you need to look up how to play chords? Try Basichords Online. This is from Tekartik and is essentially the same app you can get for your Android device or iOS device. This includes chords for Guitar, Ukulele (GCEA), Ukulele D (ADF#B), Bouzouki, Mandolin, Mandola, Cavaquinho, Banjo G and Banjo C. Pretty cool! (I think I’ve said that before, but it is cool.).


guitar-pro-viewer-chrome-appThe final app I’m going to share today is the Guitar Pro Viewer. I own Guitar Pro for Windows. It is a tablature editor and player. Because it is such a popular program, there are a lot of tabs freely available on the web. But what if you don’t own Guitar Pro but want to see a tune someone posted to the web in the Guitar Pro format. Here’s the answer. You can’t edit with this Chrome app but you can view and play back tunes in the Guitar Pro format.

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