Jazz Guitarists – Bucky Pizzarelli

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Bucky Pizzarelli Live @ Ouro PretoBucky Pizzarelli played as a staff musician for NBC in the 1950s. He played with Skitch Henderson and with Doc Severinsen on the Tonight show. He has toured with the Benny Goodman band and played with guitar greats Tal Farlow and Les Paul.

Bucky Pizzarelli was inspired by George Van Epps to take up the 7-string guitar. Bucky’s son, John Pizzarelli also plays 7-string guitar.

I personally enjoyed his recordings with New York Swing, a trio with John Bunch (piano) and Jay Leonhart (Bass). John Bunch died March 30, 2010.

C-Jam Blues. Les Paul (right), Tal Farlow (center), Bucky Pizzarelli (left).


Sweet Georgia Brown. Bucky’s son, John with Bucky Pizzarelli (both still young).

Satin Doll. (same personnel as above, but some years later).

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