Comparison of Specs – 1st Dream Guitar

The following table is extracted from the post, “My First Dream Guitar“. I’m reproducing it here in the Factoids category for easy reference.

If you missed “My First Dream Guitar“, the significance of these three guitars are:

  • The Martin D-18 dreadnought was a guitar I wished I could own when I was a teen and didn’t know any better. A great guitar for flat pickers but it didn’t suit my style or preferences.
  • When I eventually got around to buying a nice acoustic guitar the choice quickly came down to either the Taylor 714ce or the Martin OM-28. Although it was such a close call that I’m sure I would have been equally happy with either, I in fact chose the OM-28.


Item Martin Taylor Martin
Model D-18 714ce OM-28
Type / Shape Dreadnought Grand Auditorium Orchestra Model
top wood Sitka Spruce Western Red Cedar Sitka Spruce
wood back & sides Solid Mahogany Indian Rosewood Indian Rosewood
fingerboard East Indian Rosewood Ebony Ebony
radius (inches) 16 15 16
nut width (inches) 1 11/16 1 3/4 1 3/4
fret where neck joins body 14 14 14
scale length (inches) 25.4 25 1/2 25.4
scale length (mm) 645 648 645
lower bout width (inches) 15 5/8 16 15
depth (inches) 4 7/8 4 5/8 4 1/8
body length (inches) 20 20 19 3/8
length overall (inches) 40 1/2 41 39 3/16

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  1. Hi Dan,. . . it’s been a long time. I just thought I would see if I could find you and ask what you’ve been up to. I see you are still into guitars, but what about your other gig?. Why don’t you e-mail me your contact information so we can chat? I also tried to find Mike Thomas, but wasn’t successful.

    Best Regards, Bob Fry (Babcock 207)

    1. Hi Bob,

      Great hearing from you. Yes, I’m still into guitars. I’ll email you about the other things. The only UI people from Babcock I’m still in touch with are the Mahacheks.

      I recall you were a pretty good musician. Still doing anything musical?

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