Goodbye to my Ami Parlor Guitar

Goodbye to my Ami Parlor Guitar About 10 years ago I stopped at a Daddy’s Junky Music store in Boston and discovered the Ami parlor guitar by Arts & Lutherie, one of the Godin family of guitar companies. When I first saw the guitar I was impressed that such a […] Read more »

Gibson LG-1 front crack

Goodbye to my Gibson LG-1

My wife and I are selling our house and moving south. Because we expect our next home to be much smaller, I’ve been selling some of my gear. This is the “downsizing” you hear about among retired people. I loved all my gear but I had acquired quite a few items […] Read more »


Modifying a Goodtime Banjo

I’m still loving the Goodtime open back banjo I recently purchased. But I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the sound when I bought it. I’ve been experimenting with typical mods often made for a more old-time sound. Specifically, I changed the head from the top-frosted Deering head (actually a Remo Weatherking […] Read more »

Abigail Washburn

Abigail Washburn

Today’s post is about Abigail Washburn, a singer-songwriter and player of old-time clawhammer banjo. I seem to be covering women musicians I like in groups of three. The first three were women involved in folk music who are my age or older: Peggy Seeger, Kristin Lems and Malvina Reynolds. This is […] Read more »


Banjo Setup by and for a beginner

Goodtime Open Back Banjo Setup by and for a Beginner (at banjo) My new musical obsession is banjo, due in large part to my new (used) Goodtime open back banjo by Deering. My last banjo related post described tools and accessories for my new banjo. This post will describe the […] Read more »