Epiphone 335 Pro

Epiphone 335 Pro

The Epiphone 335 Pro thin-line, semi-hollow body electric guitar is one of the best bargains available in this style of instrument. The guitar is essentially an upgraded Epiphone Dot with both cosmetic and functional upgrades. Of course the true bargain comparison is to the Gibson ES-335 models. Epiphone has been […] Read more »

Solid State Jazz Guitar Amps

Solid State Jazz Guitar Amps

I reviewed some jazz guitar amps in a previous post. Most but not all of those jazz amps were solid state. This post will look at some of the same companies that have new models and some amps that I hadn’t included in the previous post. All are solid state amplifiers. They […] Read more »

Humidity changes from North to South

Humidity changes from North to South

Before I moved to North Carolina I got rid of the cabinet I had modified to keep my guitars humidified during New England winters. I sold many instruments to prepare for the move and now have fewer that would need humidification. And, North Carolina — do I even need to […] Read more »


Moving Instruments

My wife and I did it. We moved from Massachusetts to North Carolina. Although there were many stressful aspects of the move, the one of most concern to me was how do I get my musical instruments safely to our new home. You might find yourself in the same situation […] Read more »

Danelectro 56 U3

Gear I’ve Owned

I’ve been selling gear and reviewing what to keep and what I’ve let go. Here’s the gear I no longer own. There was nothing wrong with the items I sold or traded. I was just done with them for one reason or another. I’ve regretted getting rid of some of […] Read more »


Broken: Aquila Red Banjo String

Broken strings are a nuisance that most players of stringed instruments have faced. After the fact, you often want to determine why the string broke. Was it a fluke? A bad string? Or maybe your playing style is harsh on strings. A good place to start is to make sure […] Read more »

Arts and Lutherie Ami Parlor Spruce

Goodbye to my Ami Parlor Guitar

Goodbye to my Ami Parlor Guitar About 10 years ago I stopped at a Daddy’s Junky Music store in Boston and discovered the Ami parlor guitar by Arts & Lutherie, one of the Godin family of guitar companies. When I first saw the guitar I was impressed that such a […] Read more »