Banjo Setup by and for a beginner

Goodtime Open Back Banjo Setup by and for a Beginner (at banjo) My new musical obsession is banjo, due in large part to my new (used) Goodtime open back banjo by Deering. My last banjo related post described tools and accessories for my new banjo. This post will describe the […] Read more »

Little Boxes freeimages.com 523859_53153060

Malvina Reynolds

Little Boxes made of Ticky-Tocky “Little Boxes” (made of Ticky-Tocky) is one of the most popular and famous songs written by Malvina Reynolds. Malvina didn’t start writing and performing folk and protest music until she was in her late forties. In spite of this, she was a prolific song writer and […] Read more »

Kristin Lems

It’s unlikely you’ve heard of Kristin Lems. She has been a folk musician since the 1970s or earlier. She also has a Ph.D. in English as a Second Language. She and I both were on the University of Illinois campus in Champaign/Urbana in the 1970s. I was working on my doctorate part […] Read more »

Banjo Design – The parts that make a banjo

Banjo Design - The parts that make a banjo

Banjo Design What is a banjo tone ring? How many shoes and brackets do you need? How do different banjo heads affect the sound? Why do some banjo tuners stick out like guitar tuning machines while others don’t? I can’t answer all of these questions but I can summarize the […] Read more »